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Spaghetti_Joe Helper Application

Spaghetti_Joe Helper Application

Discussion in 'Helper Application' started by Spaghetti_Joe, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Spaghetti_Joe

    Spaghetti_Joe New Member

    Aug 12, 2019
    Username: Spaghetti_Joe

    Current Donator Rank: Legend

    Current Mine and Prestige rank: Z, Prestige 21

    Age: 20

    Discord: Spaghetti Joe#4052

    Timezone: Eastern Standard Time

    Why do you want to be staff in the Rapz Prison community?
    I would like to be a staff member because I've genuinely enjoyed my time playing on Rapz Prison so far. Everyone I've chatted with is quite friendly and I would like to help moderate the server to keep it that way.

    What have you done to already help the server?
    I have recently reported someone for advertising, but other than that I have helped new players by answering questions and pointing them in the right direction with beacons, how to use gems and tokens, permissions, donations ranks and things of that nature.

    How can the server benefit from you being staff?

    I think the server would benefit from someone who is as active as I am. I make my own hours for work so I am online quite frequently. Additionally, I enjoy helping out new players and making sure they're familiar with how the server operates, like multiple players did for me.

    What do you think being staff is about?
    I think being staff is all about helping not only the new but old players too. Specifically, not only by assisting them, but by enforcing the rules and making sure other players don't get in the way of them enjoying themselves. It is just a game, after all.

    What is your greatest strength?
    My greatest strength is probably my adaptability. It's always been easy for me to learn and remember commands/how to play on any given server. Its helped me a lot on this server and I believe it would help as a moderator.

    What is your greatest weakness?
    My greatest weakness has always been my attention span and focusing. I am only able to focus well while playing video games but I don't think it has been an issue given how quickly I got to Prestige 21.

    What is your availability to moderate server/forums/discord like (include time range)?
    Like I said earlier, I make my own hours for work so if there was a given date or time there is a 99% chance I would be available. Otherwise, I spend all my free time on my computer and can always be reached on discord if I'm not already playing on the server.

    Have you ever been punished on the server, website, or discord? If so how come, did you deserve it, and what have you done to grow from that mistake?

    A player has been warned to quit spamming "Can someone give me sharpness 40 sword?" what do you do next?
    A. Temporary mute
    B. Permanent Mute
    C. Temporary Ban
    D. Permanent Ban
    I would give the player a temporary mute. If the player continued to ask or beg for items afterwards I would issue a permanent mute. I would only hesitate if the player was clearly apologetic and didn't understand what they were doing.

    A player is advertising another server, what do you do? Is there anything else you would do that is not listed here?
    A. Temporary mute
    B. Permanent Mute
    C. Temporary Ban
    D. Permanent Ban

    I would issue a permanent or IP ban. In my experience, players who connect and immediately start advertising never have the intention of playing on the server.

    A player is accused of hacking by another player. What do you do to the player being accused? What do you do to the player accusing?
    I would ask the player reporting the hacker to try and capture video/images of the accused player. If the player accused of hacking would still online I would vanish and teleport to catch them in the act if possible. I believe the burden of proof is on the accuser but wouldn't dismiss the claim until I understood the situation.

    Is there anything else you would like to say / add to your application?
    I just want to add that I genuinely want to help keep this server enjoyable. Thanks :)

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