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Lonnoc's Staff Application

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Lonnoc's Staff Application

Discussion in 'Helper Application' started by Gage, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Gage

    Gage New Member

    Aug 12, 2019

    My username is Lonnoc.

    Current Donator Rank:

    My current donator rank is champion.

    Current Mine and Prestige rank:

    I am in Z mine, and im prestige 5.


    I am 16 years old.


    My discord is Lonnoc#8138


    My timezone is EST

    Why do you want to be staff in the Rapz Prison community?

    I would like to be staff in the Rapz Prison community because i have been playing for a while now and i really love the server. I like helping out servers because i think its fun getting involved with new people. Since i have been playing i have helped a few people when there was no staff online.

    What have you done to already help the server?

    What i have been doing to help the server is trying to help out new players that join i have donated some money to new players so then they will get more involved in the server.

    How can the server benefit from you being staff?

    I think the server can benefit from me is.....
    1: I am always on discord either looking at messages or in a discord call with someone. If someone needs help i will always be there to help them.
    2: When I am on the server i am willing to help out new players. I love trying to get new players online so then we can have a bigger player database.
    3: If you ask me to do something i will always do it even if i am doing something fun at my house i will stop and help you no matter what. I am a very truthful person.

    What do you think being staff is about?

    I think that staff is about helping each other out. You may ask why is it about helping each other out? I will tell you.... So what i mean by "Helping each other out" is that no matter if the guy is new or not you help them out if someone is having trouble with something on the server or in discord you go help them not just sit there and be like "Oh this guy is a noob". What i am trying to say is being staff is a privilege not a right if you have a good heart and mind i feel like you should be a staff but you would have to be online a lot but anyways.....

    What is your greatest strength?

    My greatest strength has got to be helping others out. I love to help people out i think if you are helping others out it makes you feel better as a person.

    What is your greatest weakness?

    My greatest weakness has got to be listening sometimes. See i have ADHD so sometimes it is hard to stay focused on some things.

    What is your availability to moderate server/forums/discord like (include time range)?

    So I am still in high school so when school starts I wont be on till like 4 but I will be active at least 6-7 hours everyday till my school starts.

    Have you ever been punished on the server, website, or discord? If so how come, did you deserve it, and what have you done to grow from that mistake?

    I was falsely banned on the server twice in one day but it was took care of by Melo.

    A player has been warned to quit spamming "Can someone give me sharpness 40 sword?" what do you do next?

    I would Temp-Mute him but if he keeps it up i would end up Perm-Muting him.

    A player is advertising another server, what do you do? Is there anything else you would do that is not listed here?

    I would Perm-Ban him because i think advertising another server is wrong.

    A player is accused of hacking by another player. What do you do to the player being accused? What do you do to the player accusing?

    I would end up going in /v if i had that command and follow him around for a little to see if he was hacking, if he was not hacking then i would just say he wasn't, but if he was hacking i would take a video and Ban him.
  2. whatsoever

    whatsoever Admin
    Staff Member Admin

    Jan 22, 2019
    Thank you for submitting a helper application. After reviewing your application and taking it into consideration across all our administration team, we regret to inform you that your application has been rejected. You may reapply in two weeks if you wish to do so. Keep the following things in mind when reapplying:
    - Use correct grammar and punctuation in all of your answers
    - Include as much detail as possible when and wherever you can
    - Make sure your activity on the discord and Minecraft server are up to par

    Thank you again for applying and showing interest in a staff position at Rapz Prison. Thread locked.

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