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helper aplication

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helper aplication

Discussion in 'Helper Application' started by torke, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. torke

    torke New Member

    Aug 12, 2019
    Username: tmanxx

    Current Donator Rank: normal

    Current Mine and Prestige rank:z and p5

    Age: 19

    Discord: tmanxx#4658


    Why do you want to be staff in the Rapz Prison community? well when im online and anyone needs help I love to help and im always welcoming other people to this server and I think I can help because helpers are not always on and I can be on when they are not I can fill in I love to help an di also get help and I will love to give back!

    What have you done to already help the server? im always welcoming people to the server saying good words about it and got many people on this server im always helping people if they need a price for a item or anything else. again im always gtting help and Im getting and I want to give

    How can the server benefit from you being staff? I can be on on different hours then the other helpers and im just a really welcoming guy and the welcome means it all if somone joins the server and doesn't get a good welcome they probaby think this server may not be good im not trying to be rude or anything but im welcome people better then some of the staff my quote is "welcome to Rapz prisons it is full of excitement and friends" and that can mean a lot the admins and other helpers just say welcome. that's not very welcoming

    What do you think being staff is about? staff is not about getting that tag admin or helper many people do staff like that but im here to help Im just applying because many people may not belive me when I tell them something nice because I don't have helper or admin. I just love being able to help and people need help they ask a staff and me or others will be there

    What is your greatest strength? my greatest strength is being welcoming or nice and letting people know by our welcoming this server will be great and they will have a great time

    What is your greatest weakness? my greatest weakness is maby providing links to people but I can learn how to and I can learn them all so when I need them I cn provide and why I put that because I was asking a helper for the link LOL

    What is your availability to moderate server/forums/discord like (include time range)? I can moderate for at minimum for 4 hours a day and max is 12 hours and I can moderate all 3 the server the forums and discord.

    Have you ever been punished on the server, website, or discord? If so how come, did you deserve it, and what have you done to grow from that mistake? I never got banned on any server because I respeck all rules and hope others can to

    A player has been warned to quit spamming "Can someone give me sharpness 40 sword?" what do you do next?
    A. Temporary mute: a because after a warn they will get temporary muted but after the temp mute ends it becomes a perm mute or and longer temp mute
    B. Permanent Mute
    C. Temporary Ban
    D. Permanent Ban

    A player is advertising another server, what do you do? Is there anything else you would do that is not listed here?
    A. Temporary mute
    B. Permanent Mute perm mute because after they get unmuted they will start it again
    C. Temporary Ban
    D. Permanent Ban

    A player is accused of hacking by another player. What do you do to the player being accused? What do you do to the player accusing? i will ask for evidense and tell them dont waste our time if ou dont have evidense and psot it on the forums and tell admins about it.

    Is there anything else you would like to say / add to your application? love this server 10/10
  2. whatsoever

    whatsoever Admin
    Staff Member Admin

    Jan 22, 2019
    Thank you for submitting a helper application. After reviewing your application and taking it into consideration across all our administration team, we regret to inform you that your application has been rejected. You may reapply in two weeks if you wish to do so. Keep the following things in mind when reapplying:
    - Use correct grammar and punctuation in all of your answers
    - Include as much detail as possible when and wherever you can
    - Make sure your activity on the discord and Minecraft server are up to par

    Thank you again for applying and showing interest in a staff position at Rapz Prison. Thread locked.

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